Electronic medical records

To continue to better serve our patients, Northern California Medical Associates organizes its patients’ medical records using an electronic medical records (EMR) system.
What are the benefits of EMR?

  • EMR replace paper-based medical records which can be incomplete, fragmented (different parts in different locations), hard to read and (sometimes) hard to find.
  • EMR provide integrated support for a wide range of discrete care activities including decision support, monitoring, electronic prescribing, electronic referrals radiology, laboratory ordering and results display.
  • EMR provide a single, shareable, up to date, accurate, rapidly retrievable source of information, potentially available anywhere at any time.
  • EMR maintain a data and information trail that can be readily analyzed for medical audit, research and quality assurance, epidemiological monitoring, and disease surveillance.

The information required for our patient form packet is available from your physicians office. Please contact the NCMA office you are visiting for more information.

If you have any questions regarding our Electronic Medical Record system or New Patient Packet, please contact your provider HERE for more information:
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