NCMA Redwood Family Dermatology providers. Judith Hong, MD, seated in front, second from right.

We love patient feedback!

We are always pleased to hear about our patients’ experience at our Northern California Medical Associates offices. We are especially pleased when our patients are happy due to a team effort. There may be no better team than our team at NCMA Redwood Family Dermatology in Santa Rosa and Ukiah.

We recently received a review that made us smile because it recognized our kind, genuine and professional employees that helped make one patient’s care experience smooth, supportive and authentic from the moment she walked in the door through completing the billing process. Getting medical treatment can be complicated and frustrating. With insurance, prescriptions, uncertain outcomes and arranging for appointments, the stresses can add up. We love to hear when we hit the mark with our patients.

Please read this patient’s review of NCMA Redwood Family Dermatology:

“I just wanted to express my appreciation and positive experience with Redwood Family Dermatology. Tracy, the office manager, was especially nice and helpful to me today with my Medicare billing inquiry. She returned my call so promptly, was very professional yet down to earth, and offered to intervene on my behalf.

Within the hour she returned my call with information which led me to feel that the situation may actually be easily resolved saving me significant dollars. She took the time to explain the process and made me feel like an important part of her day.

I also had a very helpful experience with Medical Assistant Verenice two days ago. She took my initial call and also followed up to help remedy the situation. When I called back with additional information near 5pm she took my call again and took time to do some beneficial searching of the medical record and provided me with a copy of the progress notes.

Both my spouse and I have been patients of Dr. Judith Hong. We think she is an excellent physician and an extremely personable clinician. In all of our appointments the receptionists and medical assistants have always been friendly and professional.”

Thank you to Tracy, Verenice, and Dr. Hong for helping this individual have a great experience at NCMA Redwood Family Dermatology. We are proud of our whole NCMA team and trust them to care for you and support your through your medical journey. Visit our website to learn more about our services and see if there is any way that our wonderful team can assist you.

Printed with permission from our patient, who chose to remain anonymous.

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