Masis Babajanian MD, Patrick Coleman, MD, Thomas Dunlap, MD, and Keith Korver, MD, of Northern California Medical Associates were recently selected as top cardiologists by Sonoma Magazine’s Top Doctors survey.

Sonoma Magazine’s Top Doctor survey was submitted to Sonoma County doctors who were then asked which medical specialist they would most often recommend to a loved one, and 327 professionals emerged as top docs in 50 categories of medicine. Among physician peers Dr. Babajanian, Dr. Coleman, Dr. Dunlap and Dr. Korver ranked at the top for cardiology specialists, supporting what the many patients who routinely benefit from the expertise and outstanding cardiovascular services provided by these exemplary physicians already know.

About Dr. Babajanian

babajanianmasisDr. Masis Babajanian is a fellowship-trained cardiologist specializing in cardiovascular disease, internal medicine, invasive cardiology, nuclear cardiology and pacemaker implants. He received his medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine and received his fellowship in cardiology from Tulane University School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine.

About Dr. Coleman

Dr. Patrick Coleman is a board certified cardiologist with fellowship training in nuclear and interventional cardiology. He serves as the medical director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories for both SRMH and Sutter Santa Rosa, as well as the director of Cardiology at NCMA. In addition to practicing cardiology at NCMA’s Santa Rosa offices, Dr. Coleman regularly gives lectures to the general public and health providers about maintaining and improving heart health and emergency response.

About Dr. Dunlap

Dr. Thomas Dunlap is a fellowship-trained cardiologist specializing in cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular & endovascular medicine, interventional cardiology and pacemaker implants. He is the regional director of Cardiac and Vascular Services at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and Director of Cardiology at NCMA, and chairman of the Endovascular Committee of Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa. He is published in numerous medical journals on cardiovascular health.

About Dr. Korver

keith-korverDr. Keith Korver is a fellowship trained cardiothoracic surgeon from UCSF School of Medicine as well as Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Cardiac Transplant Surgery. He specializes in general and cardiothoracic surgery.

About NCMA Cardiology

NCMA Cardiology is led by a team of cardiologists and one cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon — all board certified in their fields. NCMA’s HeartWorks Cardiac Rehabilitation Center provides each patient with a personal diet and exercise plan supervised by a team of physicians, nurses, and cardiac exercise specialists.  In accordance with its practice of providing comprehensive cardiovascular health care, NCMA offers comprehensive care in areas including;

  • Cardiovascular testing and services
  • Interventional services and procedures
  • pacemaker and defibrillator clinics
  • anti-coagulation clinics
  • congestive heart failure clinics
  • pulmonary hypertension clinics
  • lipid clinics
  • adult congenital heart clinic
  • general check-ups with cardiologists