HeartWorks Cardiac Rehab Center — All phases owned and operated by the Center for Well-Being.

A solid foundation for a cardiovascular rehabilitation program is found in gradual, positive changes that embrace new lifestyle patterns. The rehabilitation program at HeartWorks does just that by improving patient’s strength, stamina and confidence level.

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At HeartWorks, each client is guided by an exercise and diet plan developed specifically for that individual. Physicians, nurses, and cardiac exercise specialists closely supervise each aspect of rehabilitation activity. No other programs in Northern California have cardiologists on call at their cardiovascular rehabilitation center. This synergy not only makes it a safer place for patients, but also enhances each patient’s rehabilitation process.

Cardiac rehabilitation programs at HeartWorks are conducted in progressive phases. Phase I includes the education and guidance the patient received while in the hospital or directly from a physician before entering the program.

In Phase II, patients enter the HeartWorks program and participate in a fully monitored, individualized exercise and education program. When patients have successfully graduated from Phase II, they enter the HeartWorks Phase III program to improve their cardiac strength and wellness with a series of two, supervised, 75-minute sessions per week.
The HeartWorks program eventually helps patients reach Phase IV of their cardiac rehabilitation, which is a long-term commitment to healthful exercise that is self-directed. Patients are provided with guided exercise and supplemental health education to ensure a comprehensive and complete recovery from their cardiac event.

By participating in the clinically approved cardiac rehabilitation programs patients can feel confident in achieving a complete and healthful recovery with the HeartWorks Cardiac Rehab Center.

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    Paramedic, exercise physiologist
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