Our diabetes classes are on hold at this time due to COVID-19 health concerns. Contact our office at 707-578-7530 for current schedule information.

NCMA diabetes self-management class overview

Northern California Medical Associates is proud to offer diabetes education classes to our patients. Our class “Diabetes self-management” is available for patients with Type 2 diabetes. It is ideal for patients who are newly diagnosed or need a refresher and haven’t completed a qualifying class in the past. It works much like a support group. The program consists of four classes of approximately 2–2 ½ hours each, for a total of 9 hours.

Here is a class overview:

Class 1: Overview of diabetes and monitoring blood glucose levels

  • Feelings around diagnosis
  • Explanation of diabetes
  • Blood glucose and laboratory monitoring
  • Hyper/hypoglycemia signs/symptoms
  • Overview of how to live with diabetes
  • Self-management / goals

Class 2: Nutrition

  • Introduction to carbohydrates — sources, portions, effects on blood sugars
  • Reading food labels
  • Glycemic index
  • Carbohydrates vs. protein and fats
  • Meal planning
  • Self-management / goals

Class 3: Exercise / heart health

  • Heart healthy fats
  • Dining out / cooking preparation
  • Effects of exercise on blood sugars
  • Aerobic vs. anaerobic
  • Heart disease and risks
  • Weight management
  • Self-management / goals

Class 4: Medications/complications

  • Disease progression
  • Types of medications
  • Side effects
  • Complications
  • Stress management/coping
  • Self-care to stay healthy
  • Self-management / goals

Patients are encouraged to complete the whole series.

Most commercial insurance plans will cover the costs for the course. (Check with your health insurer to determine your actual coverage.) This class also can qualify for your once-in-a-lifetime Medicare benefit.

To learn more, ask the NCMA Diabetes Center front desk staff when you’re in the office or call about our next class opening at 707-578-7530. Here is our current schedule.

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