Endocrinologist Yuichiro Nakai, MD, speaks at the 2019 Physician Symposium in Santa Rosa, April 2019.

NCMA Endocrinology and Diabetes Center health services for type 1 & type 2 diabetes, and “other” diabetes: post pancreatectomy, drug-induced (cancer immunotherapy, steroids).

Physician services

(Additionally supported by a physician assistant)

Monitoring and coordination of care for diabetes complications

NCMA Endocrinology and Diabetes Center physicians treat diabetes complications including retinopathy (coordinating with eye care providers), neuropathy (foot exams, discussion of medications for neuropathic pain, communication with podiatry or pain management specialists).

Monitoring and adjusting diabetes medication regimen

Our physician and physician assistant team is well-versed in the use of available medication choices. We do not have a one-regimen-fits-all approach. We customize diabetes regimens based on individual patient goals, medication side effects, risks of hypoglycemia, and costs. Customization may change over time due to other illnesses, changes in goals, minimizing weight gain/maximizing weight loss, drug side effects, and out of pocket expense. We may not be able to determine which medications are covered at the time of visits and recommend patients contact their insurance for a list of covered medications (insurance drug formulary).

Diabetes technology

Our team are experts with diabetes technology. NCMA Endocrinology and Diabetes Center actively supports the following devices via office channels with device representatives, in-office device training by manufacturer-certified diabetes educator, downloading device data at appointments, etc.) include:

  • Glucose meters (most meters by AccuChek, Contour, Freestyle, OneTouch, True Track/Metrix)
  • Smart insulin pens (NovoPen Echo, Inpen)
  • Continuous glucose sensors (Dexcom, Freestyle Libre, Medtronic Guardian. We do not support Senseonics)
  • Insulin pumps (Medtronic, Tandem, Omni-pod)

Diabetes classes

Northern California Medical Associates is proud to offer diabetes education classes to our patients. Our diabetes self-management class is available for patients with Type 2 diabetes. It is ideal for patients who are newly diagnosed or need a refresher and haven’t completed a qualifying class in the past. It works much like a support group. The program consists of four classes of approximately 2–2 ½ hours each, for a total of 9 hours.

Learn more about NCMA’s diabetes classes.

Schedule hold due to COVID-19

Our class schedule is on hold until further notice, as we uphold health and safety best practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Please check back here when restrictions have been lifted.

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