Seeing adult patients with Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and “other” diabetes mellitus, such as post pancreatectomy, drug-induced (cancer immunotherapy, steroids).

NCMA Diabetes Center provides the services of a full-time dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Educational services can be requested independently or in conjunction with requests for physician evaluation and management services. We offer:

One-on-one services

Medicare allows coverage of 2 hours of education annually, typically divided into four 30-minute sessions.

Commercial insurance — coverage varies by insurance provider. Upon referral, NCMA Diabetes Center will pursue authorization for diabetes education services. If non-NCMA patients are referred, to facilitate authorization, we request the following information to be forwarded:

  • Year of diagnosis,
  • Determination of whether patient has attended prior diabetes classes,
  • Patient’s last A1C result, and
  • If patient is using insulin or not using insulin.

Diabetes classes

Northern California Medical Associates is proud to offer diabetes education classes to our patients. Our diabetes self-management class is available for patients with Type 2 diabetes. It is ideal for patients who are newly diagnosed or need a refresher and haven’t completed a qualifying class in the past. It works much like a support group. The program consists of four classes of approximately 2–2 ½ hours each, for a total of 9 hours.

Learn more about NCMA’s diabetes classes.

NCMA Diabetes Center

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