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For the past five years, Chris Lockheed’s PSA numbers had been going up. Then, last November, a biopsy revealed that he had two tumors on his prostate. Chris, 68, started doing research into what kind of options for treatment were available to him.

When a radiation specialist in Rohnert Park told him about Dr. Michael Lazar and the HIFU procedure, he did more homework. He found that Dr. Lazar had done hundreds of these procedures in Puerto Vallarta, and the treatment was given FDA approval last October.

“Dr. Lazar explained everything, and he’s done over 300 of the procedures, that’s why I went to him. I felt very confident. I looked at all of the choices and said ‘this is for me’.” In March, Chris, who lives in Santa Rosa, drove down to the San Francisco Surgery Center for the three hour outpatient procedure. Afterwards, feeling no side affects, Chris got some take-out food and drove home. Chris also mentioned he needed no pain medication.

The only side affect he had was the catheter, which was “a little irritating.” Chris is a pet supplies representative, and his travels take him from Marin to Eureka. He is also a professional drummer who has recorded with Epic, CBS/Columbia, Capitol, Universal, and independent labels. “To be careful, I took a week off from work, but I was still active.” A week after the procedure, he went back to Dr. Lazar to have the catheter taken out.

“There was no leaking urine issues or erectile dysfunction, everything was fine. After getting the catheter out, everything was totally normal.” A week after the procedure Chris was back at work, drumming on the weekend, and working in the yard. Chris is so satisfied with the results he has been recommending Dr. Lazar and the HIFU procedure to other men as an option to prostate surgery.

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