Patient testimonials

Patient testimonials

Masis Babajanian, MD
Masis Babajanian, M.D.

Dr Babajanian testimonials“I’m alive and healthy today thanks to Dr. BabajanianSonoma County’s cardiac emergency response team, and HeartWorks.”
~ Jim Glomb (view pdf)

Patrick S. Coleman, MD
Patrick S. Coleman, M.D.

Dr Coleman testimonials“I wouldn’t have had my daughter without Dr. Coleman’s attentive care. Thanks to him, I had no heart complications during my pregnancy!”
~ Summer Eckelhoff (view pdf)


Michael Lazar, MDMichael Lazar, M.D.

“Since my treatment with Dr. Lazar I’ve been looking for a downside, but frankly, I haven’t found any.”
~Hal Plimpton (view pdf)


Lazar-pdf“My advice to anyone diagnosed with prostate cancer who has the opportunity to get HIFU treatment with Dr. Lazar  — get it!”

~Temple Smith (view pdf)



Lazar testimonial thumbnailBecause of HIFU and the compassionate care I received I now have a new lease on life. Thank you. Dr. Lazar. – Barry Roach (view full image)



NCMA Dr. Lazar Patient Charles LawrenceDr. Lazar discovered the nodule in my thyroid because he was thorough in his evaluation. It’s as straightforward as that, and I cannot be more appreciative of his comprehensive approach to treating patients.”
~Charles Lawrence (view full image)

Stefan Zechowy, MDStefan Zechowy, MD

TestimonalDr. Stefan Zechowy and Linda Biggers make a great medical team and provide outstanding allergy care.”
~A recent Allergy Center patient (Bill) (view pdf)