Office Manager

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES: The Office Manager oversees patient flow and the daily operations of the medical practice. This position requires knowledge and experience in all facets of medical business office management. Strong staff management and communications skillAccurate data entry, attention to detail and customer service skills are required.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Reports directly to Regional Manager or COO.

SUPERVISION EXCERCISED: Supervises assigned staff.

WORKING CONDITIONS AND ENVIRONMENT:   Duties are performed in a generally comfortable environment.  Requires the ability to sit and stand for prolonged periods of time.

NATURE OF WORK:  Job duties require exercise of discretion in selecting from established alternatives to situations which arise on the job.  Employee is expected to exercise discretion within an established range, and consult management when established alternatives are not available.  Verbal and written communication skills are required to convey and explain factual

Information.  Those receiving the information may be emotional or uncooperative.  Assistance may not be readily available, requiring the manager employee to resolve the conflict or diffuse tension.  May be required to perform the duties of other employees, including supervisors/managers, in their absence.



  1. Supervises staff and oversees daily office operations.
  2. Establishes staff schedules, allocation of staff, and assures effective patient care.
  3. Trains and rotates office staff through various office duties to ensure cross coverage in all job areas.
  4. Assesses staff performance.  Completes a 30, 60, 90 day review on all new hires and annual/other reviews on established employees.
  5. Oversees daily batch report/encounters are sent to the business office accurately, and timely.
  6. Conducts office staff meetings every month.
  7. Monitors Web Time timesheets on a daily basis, adding any edits, request for leave within 24 hours and limiting overtime. All Web Time timesheets are to be approved daily.
  8. Submits timecards for payroll by midnight on PPE.
  9. Oversees inventory and ordering of office supplies.
  10. Works with accounting to approve pending invoices in a timely manner.
  11. Works with senior management to develop, implement, and monitor programs.
  12. Assures staff meet deadlines on projects assigned i.e. annual training, license, certifications and health requirements.
  13. Attends manager meetings.
  14. Performs other duties as needed.

Ensures All Staff:

  • Answers telephone in a timely and polite manner, preferably within three rings.
  • Routinely demonstrates superior customer service skills.
  • Communicates with patients in a courteous, professional, cooperative and mature manner
  • Accurately takes messages and conveys information to recipient.
  • Transfers call to physicians and clinical staff when medically indicated.
  • Protects patient confidentiality per policies and procedures.
  • Observes and practices confidentiality policies and procedures.
  • Scans information into electronic health record.
  • Assures batches are sent on time and accurately.
  • Categorizes, dates and labels loose medical documents.
  • Accurately imports financial documents into patient’s electronic health record.
  • Demonstrates the ability to collect medical office charges, post payments to receipt logs and accurately manage cash drawer.
  • Accurately enters procedure codes with correct diagnosis.
  • Accurately reconciles charges for the day.
  • Correctly prepares daily batch reports/encounters for business office.
  • Are coordinated to appropriately cover the office during sick and vacation time.

Performs Environment Care Functions.

  • Oversees and maintains a safe environment for employees, patients and visitors.
  • Assures that all emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers and emergency lights are properly maintained.
  • Completes work/repair orders in a timely manner.
  • Submits fire extinguisher and emergency logs on a monthly basis (off-sites).
  • Performs quarterly safety/emergency drills.
  • Completes and submits quarterly safety drill reports.
  • Coordinates and prepares office and staff for potential weather related disasters.
  • Communicates with corporate office for current updates and maintains an open line of communication with staff.
  • Prints schedules one week ahead and coordinates appointment cancellations as needed.

Management of medical record requests from outside sources.

  • Follows company policy and procedures for medical record release of information.
  • Forward court order request for information to privacy officer and follow privacy officer’s instructions on these requests.
  • Assures desktop of all staff are within 72 hour compliance timeline.


  • Education/Training Level

○ High School Diploma.  Undergraduate degree preferred.

○ Minimum of 5 years medical office and management experience and completion of a

management training program.

○ CPT& ICD-9 coding knowledge required.

• Communication Skills

○ Bilingual preferred.

○ Ability to effectively interact with physicians, patients and other staff members.

○ Strong verbal and written communication.

• Technology Skills

○ Demonstrates knowledge of proper, safe, efficient usage of current office


○ Utilizes electronic health record and practice management program effectively.

○ Microsoft Office software knowledge preferred.