Our Commitment to Your Cardiovascular Health

At NCMA Cardiovascular Services, our goal has been to create one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective health care groups in the nation.

From cardiac catheterization to open-heart surgery, from electrophysiology to rehabilitation and prevention, the Northern California Medical Associates (NCMA) Cardiovascular Services team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care and the best patient results.  Our professional staff not only maintains its commitment to our patients’ health and well-being but to maintaining a tradition of excellence and expertise in our practice of the most current, innovative treatments in cardiovascular medicine.

The Cardiovascular Services team is comprised of highly skilled physicians, specialists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals dedicated to our patients’ health care needs. Since 1975, the group has focused on sub specialization within cardiovascular health to provide services by the most highly trained and experienced physicians and staff.

NCMA’s services are extensive in the specialties and communities we serve. We provide cardiac care in three counties, with 11 offices, located in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma, Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Ukiah, and Lakeport.

When you join NCMA Cardiovascular Services, you enter into a health care partnership that will last you throughout your life.

NCMA Cardiovascular Services offers patients a comprehensive range of cardiac services, interventional procedures and comprehensive care to meet the needs of our patients:


FountainGrove Cardiology

Lakeport Cardiology

Petaluma Cardiology

Sonoma Cardiology

Fort Bragg Cardiology

Ukiah Cardiology