Michael Lazar, MDPatients diagnosed with prostate cancer are faced with treatment options. The historical remedies — radiation therapy, surgery, hormonal therapy, chemotherapy and freezing the cancerous gland — have risks and negative side effects, especially incontinence and impotence. A new technology, however, is coming of age in its ability to diminish these risks and side effects. This nonsurgical outpatient option — high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) — takes approximately one to four hours to perform, depending on prostate size, and has a relatively short recovery period.

With HIFU, most patients are up and walking around within two to three hours and may resume normal activities within a couple of days, with minimal discomfort. HIFU patients also experience fewer side effects than those receiving traditional prostate treatments weeks after the procedure, patients may experience mild urinary symptoms, such as frequency and/or urgency to may also pass an occasional small amount of blood or mucus-like materials, which is normal.

For more information, read Dr. Lazar’s article in Sonoma Medicine Magazine. (PDF)

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