Regional Back Office Services Supervisor-Eye Care Institute

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JOB TITLE: Regional Back Office Services Supervisor

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES: This individual services as a liaison between the doctors and the technicians, and is responsible for oversight and management of clinical staff and the supervision of all patient care processes.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Practice Administrator


WORKING CONDITIONS AND ENVIRONMENT: Duties are performed in a generally comfortable environment. Ability to sit and stand for prolonged periods of time.

NATURE OF WORK: Incumbent is expected to exercise discretion within an established range, and consult management when established alternatives are not available. Verbal and written communication skills are required to convey and explain factual information. Those receiving the information may be emotional or uncooperative. Assistance may not be readily available, requiring the supervisor to resolve the conflict or diffuse tension. May be required to perform the duties of other employees in their absence.

Understand and comply with NCMA’s Notice of Privacy Practices, adhere to the Confidentiality Agreement, and ensure that technician performance meets doctors’ standards for quality of patient care.

A. Clinic Responsibilities
1. Ability to perform all duties of an ECI Ophthalmic Assistant/Technician.
2. Organize and delegate back office responsibilities and exam lane maintenance.
3. Assist technicians with workup questions.
4. Deploy technicians to maintain smooth back office flow.
5. Coordinate smooth flow between back office and surgery coordinators.

B. Administrative
1. Coordinate and oversee ordering of surgery room supplies and office medical supplies and medications.
2. Ensure all ophthalmic equipment is working properly, order or delegate the ordering of repairs, and assist in researching new equipment.
3. Maintain OSHA manual and manage compliance with OSHA policies and procedures.
4. Monitor or delegate the monitoring of patient education material.
5. Maintain proficiency with practice management and EHR systems and with schedule and template management.

C. Accounting
1. Work with accounting to approve pending invoices in a timely manner.
2. Turn in mileage and monetary reimbursement sheets at the end of the month. Ensure staff does likewise.
3. Maintain and ensure petty cash is balanced.
4. Follow policy and procedure for operational expense approval while practicing fiscal responsibility at all times.

D. Human Resources

1. Assess staff performance. Completes a 30, 60, 90 day review on all new hires and annual/other reviews on established employees.
2. Review handbooks as applicable with new employees within one month of hire.
3. Understand and follow the Human Resources process of hiring, disciplining and terminating employees.
4. Monitor Web Time timesheets on a daily basis, adding any edits, request for leave within 24 hours and limiting overtime. All Web Time timesheets should be approved daily.
5. Make decisions regarding requests for time off.
6. Participate in preparing and updating back office job descriptions, participate in technician performance evaluations, and participate in compensation reviews for technician staff.

E. Operations
1. Supervise staff and oversees daily office operations.
2. Serve as a positive role model.
3. Establish staff schedules, allocation of staff, and assure effective patient care.
4. Train and rotate office staff through various office duties to ensure cross coverage in all jobs within the functional areas.
5. Ensure Compliance with all quality programs.
6. Conduct office staff meetings regularly.
7. Monitor all pools in SRS including eRx, dictation scheduling, referrals, etc. to ensure timely management of messages.
8. Monitor patient portal messages to ensure all are handled appropriately and in a timely manner.
9. Run lab management report weekly to ensure proper follow up.
10. Oversee inventory and ordering of office/medical supplies.
11. Work with management to develop, implement, and monitor effective programs.
12. Ensure all staff meets deadlines on projects assigned i.e. annual training, license, certifications and health requirements.
13. Attend manager meetings. Disseminate information to staff within one week.
14. Coordinate with Regional Front Office Services Supervisor to ensure a smoothly running office.
15. Schedule or delegate the scheduling of in-house educational presentations for technicians.
16. Maintain and update training protocols for both untrained assistants and for ongoing education of technician staff.
17. Attend physician meetings as requested.

F. Environment Care Functions

1. Oversee and maintain a safe environment for employees, patients and visitors.
2. Ensure all emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers and emergency lights are properly maintained.
3. Complete work/repair orders in a timely manner.
4. Submit fire extinguisher and emergency logs on a monthly basis (off-sites).
5. Perform quarterly safety/emergency drills.
6. Complete and submit quarterly safety drill reports.
7. Coordinate and prepare office and staff for potential weather related disasters.
8. Communicate with corporate office for current updates and maintain an open line of communication with staff.
9. Maintain the Facility Checklist.
10. Follow company policy and procedures for medical record release of information.
11. Forward court order request for information to privacy officer and follow privacy officer’s instructions on these requests.
12. Assure desktop of all staff are within 72 hour compliance timeline.


Perform other duties as needed



1. Commitment to service.
2. Strong leadership, organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
3. Professionalism, compassion, courtesy, efficiency.
4. Demonstrated skill in motivating and training.
5. Ability to master complex and changing processes.
6. Ability to multi-task and to prioritize.
7. Demonstrated computer literacy.

• Education/Training Level

1. High School Diploma. Undergraduate degree preferred.
2. Minimum two years’ experience in supervision of back office operations in medical practice.
3. CPT& ICD-9 coding knowledge required.
4. Working knowledge of all aspects of ophthalmic care and of ophthalmic equipment.
5. JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA) status required within the first 18 months.
6. Strongly recommended: current JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT) or Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist (COMT) status.
7. Minimum of five years as a technician in an ophthalmic group practice.
8. Experience in an ophthalmic group practice, supervising experience.

• Communication Skills

1. Bilingual preferred.
2. Ability to effectively interact with physicians, patients and other staff members.
3. Strong verbal and written communication.

• Technology Skills

1. Demonstrates knowledge of proper, safe, efficient usage of current office
2. Utilizes electronic health record and practice management program effectively.
3. Microsoft Office software knowledge.

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